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Policies, Rules, Regulations and Restrictions
  • Assessments and Collections
  • Doral Woods Security - Post Orders
  • Architectural Modifications
  • Sanitary Sewer Lines
  • Use of Common Recreation Areas
  • Garage Sales
  • Parking
  • Speed Limit
  • "FOR SALE" or "FOR RENT" Signs or "OPEN HOUSE"
  • Disturbances
  • Pets
  • Nuisances
  • Other Restrictions
  • Compliance and Remedies
  • Reporting of Non-Compliance

Pool Rules

DWHOA Forms and Guidelines

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All modifications must be approved by the board and in some cases may require City of Doral permit to ensure City code compliance. Do not run the risk of incurring unnecessary expense of re-doing the job due to non-compliance. Please refer to the Architectural Control Guidelines; complete the form and submit to the management company for processing.